Interims Management

Interims Management

To make sure that the operations of an organization in aviation run smoothly, the competence and knowledge of experienced experts is necessary. The day-to-day activities at the airport must be supervised, the compliance of the activities of the staff with relevant regulations must be monitored and the maintenance and monitoring of the airworthiness of aircrafts must be organized. All this must take place while ensuring that daily business at the airport runs smoothly and customer satisfaction as well as passenger security is maintained.

In aviation, excellent personnel is scarce. Interim management can be the solution. Rely on the skills and services of external managers for a limited amount of time until you have found a qualified manager for the respective position in permanent employment.

At Asgard Aviation, we can provide you with competent and experienced managers for different positions, including

  • Flight Operations Manager
  • Safety Manager
  • Compliance Manager – OPS
  • Compliance Manager – CAMO
  • Quality Manager
  • Airport Manager

We also help you with the certification and maintenance of the IS-BAO or EASA auditing

With our interim management, we cover all important areas of management in aviation. Our experts will adapt to the individual procedures, processes and systems in your organization and provide you with the best service possible. Your organization will be able to comply with all relevant regulations, ensure the safety of your personnel and passengers, and guarantee customer satisfaction.

Flight Operation Manager

A Flight Operation Manager is responsible for controlling and coordinating all procedures at the airport, before, during and after flights and the activities of the flight crews. He/she

  • ensures that the flight crew is adequately educated and trained for their position
  • supervises the flight crew to ensure that it acts according to company standards and follows safety protocols
  • plans flight schedules, routes and any change of routes and schedule if necessary
  • keeps an eye on the weather conditions
  • ensures that the airplanes are properly maintained
  • ensures that all the procedures of every step of the flight are properly followed, from departure to arrival
  • ensures passenger security and safety by monitoring ID-checks and screening
  • manages any problem or emergency that may arise during a flight or at the airport
  • is the contact person for the flight crew during a flight in case of an emergency
  • supervises accident investigation
  • handles customer complaints
  • manage cooperation with other service providers at the airport (cleaning, food)
  • analyze and evaluate flights and the procedures at the company

In short, the Flight Operation Manager ensures that flight crews perform well and that your company  runs smoothly. He or she constantly looks for opportunities to improve processes at the aviation company and actively creates new rules and procedures for more safety, effectiveness and efficiency.

Safety Manager

In aviation, safety comes first. Both on the ground and in the air, there is a lot to take care oft o ensure the safety of passengers, other customers and staff. The amount of work to ensure safety requires a qualified and specialized manager.

A Safety Manager responsible for developing a safety management system at the company. He/she monitors its execution and ensures that responsible staff properly follows all procedures. The tasks of the Safety Manager include:

  • Develop and implement a safety plan
  • Appoint key personnel for safety
  • Raise safety awareness among employees
  • Make safety a priority at the company
  • Monitor and continually adapt and improve the effectiveness of safety measures and processes
  • Correct existing safety measures if needed
  • Detect security gaps and implement new measures to fill them
  • Create security reports
  • Be available as a safety advisor to management
  • Ensure that the staff has access to safety-related policies
  • Handle customer complaints regarding safety and respond to incidents related to safety

The exact range of tasks and responsibilities depend on the size of your organization and the complexity of its structure. We provide you with a Safety Manager who will create an individual safety plan adequate for your organization and ensure that all safety standards are met.

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Compliance Manager – OPS

Aviation is subject to a great number of regulations and guidelines on the international, national, federal and local level. An Operations Compliance Manager develops policies and guidelines for personnel that comply with the international, national, federal or local guidelines to ensure that your company meets all legal standards. 

The tasks of a Compliance Manager (OPS) include:

  • Develop and implement company policies and requirements to ensure that all activities are carried out properly
  • Monitor staff activities and business operations with regard to their compliance with the relevant guidelines
  • Develop a control system to respond to violations of any guideline or policy
  • Continually assess and improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the control system
  • Assess company procedures to identify risks
  • Train employees
  • Supervise personnel regarding their activities‘ compliance with guidelines and policies
  • Ensure that an audit plan is implemented and continually evaluated and improved

We provide you with a Compliance Manager (OPS) who will become familiar with your company’s procedures, regulations, guidelines and standards to offer the best possible service. It goes without saying that the Compliance Manager (OPS) we provide you with has excellent knowledge of the latest standards, regulations and guidelines in the aviation industry.

Compliance Manager - CAMO

The Continuing Airworthiness Management Organization (CAMO) monitors the airworthiness of aircrafts. The Compliance Manager with a focus on CAMO ensures that the activities of the organization are monitored for compliance with the relevant requirements and regulations.

The tasks of a Compliance Manager (CAMO) include:

  • Responsibility for the monitoring the airworthiness in the organization
  • Develop a compliance monitoring program following CAMO requirements
  • Contribute to the development and maintenance of the safety management processes in the organization
  • Implement management system processes
  • Implement additional requirements to ensure compliance
  • Ensure that all activities are carried out properly
  • Monitor regulations and documentation to ensure compliance at all times
  • Ensure that the procedures, processes and manuals in the organization are up-to-date
  • Perform document audits and aircraft inspections following relevant regulations and requirements and report findings
  • Identify problems
  • Plan corrections and improvement if needed
  • Create an audit plan
  • Promote safety awareness among the staff

We provide you with a Compliance Manager (CAMO) who will become familiar with your organization’s processes and procedures to offer the best possible service. It goes without saying that our Compliance Manager (CAMO) has experience in compliance monitoring and excellent knowledge of the latest standards, requirements and regulations in the aviation industry.

Quality Manager Part-145

A Quality Manager who ensures that all products and services of a a company meet the relevant standards is important in all fields and branches, and also in aviation. To make sure your organization fulfills all the requirements of Part-145 of EASA (Maintenance organization), you need the expertise of a good Quality Manager who is familiar with the regulations of Part-145.

The tasks of a Quality Manager in aviation include:

  • Monitor compliance with Part-145 of EASA
  • Monitor maintenance, inspections and repair to continually ensure the airworthiness of aircrafts
  • Organize maintenance, overhaul, repair, modifications and changes of aircrafts to ensure their airworthiness
  • Monitor procedures to ensure safe operations
  • Ensure that flight operations meet all the relevant standards
  • Implement and maintain a Quality Assurance Program

The Quality Manager Part-145 makes sure that your organization obtains the necessary approval according to Part-145 of EASA. Asgard Aviation provides you with an experienced Quality Manager Part-145 with excellent knowledge of the latest standards, requirements and regulations in the aviation industry and of Part-145. Our Quality Manager will become familiar with the processes, procedures and products in your organization in order to be able to offer you the best service possible. 

Airport Manager

While experts such as the Quality Manager or the Compliance Manager ensure the quality, safety and compliance of flight and ground operations, someone needs to take care of the daily business at the airport. An Airport Manager oversees the day-to-day activities at an airport and has the main responsibility to ensure that they are carried out properly.

The tasks of an Airport Manager include:

  • Monitor the daily activities at an airport
  • Ensure the compliance of procedures at the airport with all relevant regulations
  • Monitor airport security
  • Ensure the safety of crew, staff and passengers
  • Manage schedules of crew and staff
  • Manage budgeting
  • Ensure that all procedures are carried out in time and that delays in the schedule are avoided
  • Carry out inspections
  • Manage equipment maintenance
  • Be a contact person for staff and passengers at the airport
  • Manage emergency response at the airport

Asgard Aviation provides you with an Airport Manager who makes sure your airport is operating smoothly and takes care of the interests of all stakeholders. He or she is familiar with all the relevant regulations on national and international level and will become familiar with the existing procedures at your airport in order to be able to offer you the best service possible.

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